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General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions, 08.2013

1. Subject of the Contract 
Petit Laszlo sells the goods to the customer subject to the following general terms and conditions (GTC).

2. Conclusion of the Contract
A contract between the customer and Petit Laszlo is concluded when the customer places an order via the online shop (internet), which is then accepted (order confirmation via email) by Petit Laszlo.

3. Product Offers
All details regarding the goods that the customer receives as part of the order are non-binding. This especially applies to changes to design and technology, which represent improvements to the functionality of goods, as well as errors in the description, illustrations and stated price. Offers of discounted items are valid as long as stocks last.

4. Delivery Conditions
There is no minimum order amount. The ordered products can be shipped to any address worldwide. The goods will be shipped immediately to the address provided by the customer, as long as the goods are in stock and as soon as the order is paid. Otherwise an acknowledgement will be sent by email, no partial deliveries will be sent out. If the goods suffer transport damage en route to the customer, then the customer must contact the delivering post office immediately after receiving the delivery to report the damage to that post office. If, after ordering, it is no longer possible to deliver a product, Petit Laszlo explicitly reserves the right to exchange the product for a similar product. Delivery costs are calculated depending on destination, weight and size. These are charged to the customer.

5. The Right to Return / Exchanging Products / Incorrect Deliveries
The customer reserves the right to cancel the contract, exchange the goods or return them completely without reason within a period of ten workdays after receiving the goods. The customer is liable for the cost of returning goods. Delivered goods must be returned undamaged, unused and clean and be fully functional and complete and in undamaged original packaging. If the customer has returned the goods properly and within the time limit he will receive a new invoice from Petit Laszlo. If the invoice has already been paid, the value of the returned goods will be paid to the customer on request. In this case, we require your bank IBAN no. If Petit Laszlo makes an incorrect delivery, then we will refund the costs incurred in returning the goods (normal economy postal tariffs). Therefore the customer must provide the receip of shipping. No further incurred costs will be reimbursed.

6. Guaranty and Liability
The guaranty period for all products offered in the online shop by Petit Laszlo totals 12 months from the invoice date. Depending on the manufacturer the guaranty period may in fact be longer than this. The manufacturer will decide whether guaranty claims are valid or not. Faulty products must be sent back to Petit Laszlo at the customer’s own expense. All products are dispatched in a fault-free condition. An invoice or invoice number must be provided to process guaranty claims. Guaranty coverage will be invalidated through improper use, as soon as own repairs or changes are made. Petit Laszlo cannot be made liable for product defects and subsequent consequences.

7. Payment Conditions
To pay his order, the buyer may choose between all the methods of payment proposed on the online order form. The buyer guarantees Petit Laszlo that he has the authorizations required to use the chosen method of payment, upon validating the order form. Petit Laszlo reserves the right to suspend any management of order and any delivery in the event of refusal of authorization of payment per bank card on behalf of the officially accredited organizations or in the event of nonpayment. Petit Laszlo specifically reserves the right to refuse to carry out a delivery or to honour an order coming from a buyer who has not fully paid an order or with whom a dispute is underway. Petit Laszlo has implemented an order check-out procedure to insure no one is using someone else’s banking information without their knowledge. Nevertheless, Petit Laszlo could not be made responsible for all fraudulent embezzlements or uses of an unspecified means of payment which would not have been detected by the procedure of checking. Petit Laszlo reserves the right to require a copy of an identification paper with a proof of domicile in case of any doubts. Petit Laszlo will validate the order only after receiving and checking out papers sent by the buyer. Until effective reception of the entirety of the sums which are due to him, Petit Laszlo remains owner of the products.

8. Retention of Title
The delivered goods remain the property of Petit Laszlo until full payment has been received. In the event that the customer delays in paying the purchase amount, Petit Laszlo reserves the right to withdraw from (cancel) the purchase contract and take the goods back.

9. Data Protection
Petit Laszlo is hereby required to refrain from forwarding the details of its customers onto third parties and is required to use said details purely for order and invoicing procedures.

10. Legal Venue and Applicable Law
The GTC presented here as well as any contracts concluded on the basis of these GTC are subject to Swiss law. In the event of disputes, Petit Laszlo reserves the right to pursue cases against customers at their legal place of residence or business.

11. Final Provisions
Sales of the goods specified by Petit Laszlo are subject exclusively to the GTC valid at the time of concluding the particular contract in question. The terms and conditions particularly apply in the event that they differ from those of the customer. If individual provisions of these GTC are found to be inefficacious or become inefficacious, then this shall have no bearing on the legal efficacy of the remaining provisions. Petit Laszlo reserves the right to amend the GTC at anytime.

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